Take me to the chocolate


Handwritten page of a diary dated January 8, 2009

…  and great-grandma Alice was about driving me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with her most of the time, but ever since her friend Howard backed out on their Vegas trip, she’s been in a crapped out frame of mind. And I kept thinking this was my chance to get out of here a while before the new semester begins. OK, first time I asked her to take me she laughed. Right in my face. So not only do I have to talk her into taking me, but she and Howard had plans to stay at the Mandarin Oriental, and hey, I’m sure it’s very nice, but I have my heart set on the Bellagio Hotel.

So I drove her to Denny’s for lunch. I think it’s a boring place to eat but she just loves it — so OK. Then while we’re there I ask her to tell me the story about seeing a Judy Garland show at the Dunes Hotel and after she gets done practically telling me every song Judy Garland sang that night, I say “Hey, you know what hotel is on the very same piece of land that the Dunes was on?” and she says no and I say “The Bellagio.” And I can see the wheels starting to turn. I say “yeah, that’s the place with those water fountains that make cool patterns to the rhythm of whatever song they play.” So I let those thoughts simmer a while and then when we get home, I get out the computer and I show her a picture of the world’s largest chocolate fountain. And oh yeah, it just happens to be in a shop at the Bellagio Hotel.

I’m so close I can taste it.


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Hold your head UP

45 record case

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 1, 1972

…  then my idiot brother comes home from downtown and here’s the problem — he bought a 45 and then decided he needed the dollar for something else he wants to buy tomorrow, so he comes up with the idea that I have to buy it off him. So pretty soon we were fighting because I wasn’t about to buy his rejects.

Then this fight gets so loud that my dad gets involved like he’s gong to be the judge, and he asks me, did I tell Kenny to buy this record for me and I said no. And because I’ve been through one of these “TRIALS” before I had my two good reasons lined up.
1. My 45s case is already too full of records and next time I buy one it won’t fit in there.
2. Even if I did decide to get rid of one of my 45s to fit a new one in, I would rather have “Hold your Head Up” by Argent and NOT the stupid short version of “Layla” that he bought. Come on!!!! When I get Layla, it will be when I can afford the whole Derek and the Dominos album!

Then my dad says those are good reasons and he starts giving a long lecture saying Kenny is suffering from “buyer’s remorse” and he dealt with that all the time when he was selling Real Estate. (And why did I get dragged into another long lecture when I was just minding my own business???)

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