‘I’ve got a crush on you’

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 16, 1970

… school is almost over for the year and I’m telling Aunt Margie that I’m so bummed I won’t see Bruce ALL SUMMER, which about slays me. (She’s the only one I’ve told about him, and how I can barely think when he’s around, and this is the first time I ever felt like that). So she says I told you to get a picture of him, did you do that yet? And I have to admit that I chickened out, EVEN THOUGH I would love to have his picture and even though she loaned me her camera.

But I said he’s going to wonder why I’m taking a picture of him, so she starts telling me about this guy she liked when she was my age AND she even showed me a picture of him from 1938 (the OLDEN days). He was a “soda jerk” (which I saw one of those on the “Leave it to Beaver” show once, but I’ve never seen one in the real world). Aunt Margie said she told her mother that she was going to marry this guy some day and her mother said, Margie you can find someone who makes a LOT more money than that, which Margie thought was stupid because he was so good at what he did, he must make plenty of money. (Ha ha. I guess girls were stupider back then.) So Margie told the soda jerk she wanted to take a picture of his famous trick of having the ice cream fly out of the scoop and land in the glass, and he believed it. He never knew she had a crush on him and slept with that picture under her pillow for a while.


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