Just admire the marbles

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 24, 1964

but he keeps saying “what do you DO with the marbles?”

I keep saying  “I look at them. They’re fun to just look at. And collect.”

But then that leads to him always saying how back in the olden days they got marbles to PLAY MARBLES. And I want to tell him that it’s the 1960s now and we have better games to play than rolling marbles around on the sidewalk.

Sometimes it’s not so bad having him staying at our house now. He buys us Jiffy Pop when my mom says it’s cheaper to just pop corn in the pan. AND he knows how to make Jiffy Pop without burning the bottom.

And he has pretty good taste in TV shows. He will always remind me when My Three Sons is on, because we both have that as our favorite show.

He also takes us for rides in his convertible which is really neat as long as you don’t care about your hair blowing all over your face.

Except for trying to force me to PLAY with my marbles, I guess he’s not the worst family member I ever saw.


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‘Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna’

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 4, 1994

… wasn’t going to agree to be editor again this year. I was like — Let some junior do it, like I did last year. Just let me coast through senior year without all the headaches. But I got talked into it.

So today I’m playing Yahtzee with my mom and she’s like — you’re such a good writer that it must be easy for you to fix up the bad stories that some kids turn in. AS IF!!! Like, I told her about a story turned in last week that MADE NO SENSE. I’m like — imagine if someone just put a bunch of words on these dice in the Yahtzee game and just shook the dice and threw them out and just wrote down the words in the order they spill out onto the table.

She’s like — that can be good sometimes, like in song lyrics. The minute she brings up the Beatles, I go — DUDE, stop. But it’s too late and she’s singing stuff from I am the Walrus. Which, I don’t really mind that song, but I’d NEVER tell her that. Then she goes — I thought you liked that song called  I’m A Loser Baby So Why Don’t you Kill Me? What about when that guy says — beefcake pantyhose? What about when he says — spray paint the vegetables?

OK, I was surprised she knew the words to that song, AND she was actually kind of right. But what……ever.


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