Fab cat-eye glasses

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 4, 1958

… thought Babs would take me for a goof if she found out that I (the guy she just last week agreed to go steady with) was going on a vacation with my grandma this summer. But she said my grandma was pretty “neat”!!!! I thought through why Babs might be saying that and came up blank.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I decided to just come out and ask Babs and well, turns out she MET my grandma when she stopped over at the pad once when I wasn’t there. And Babs said my  grandma’s new green glasses  were fab (which I have to admit I myself hadn’t even noticed the glasses) (but of course I pretended like I knew exactly what glasses Babs was referring to).

Lets hope Babs never finds out that Grandma is a genuine kook after all. I mean yesterday Grandma started hearing funny noises on the phone line. I asked her why she didn’t ring up the phone company and she said “I will, but first I decided to take out the diddlwitchie.” I told her to show me but when she handed me a round metal thing, I didn’t know where to put it back in the phone. When she finally did ring up the phone company she talked a lot. But then I almost laughed because after she finally took a long pause and let the other person speak, she put her mouth right up close to the receiver “OK, I’ll play your little game.”


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Polynesian destiny

tiki restaraunt new orleans 1950s

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 24, 1958

… never thought a restaurant could change my whole life, but now I understand how I was meant to live.

Mother almost didn’t let me go because she hardly knows my uncle. My father died when I was little and she only met this brother once. Lucky for me I convinced her that a responsible 16-year-old will be fine eating dinner with her uncle from out of town.

I’ve never seen anything like this place before. I was sitting in a wicker chair that looked like a throne and looking around at waitresses wearing sarongs and grass skirts. And palm plants with giant leaves. And paintings of scantily clad men and women on beaches. And bowls overflowing with tropical flowers. I was cooking little chunks of meat on a stick by holding them over a little fire in a metal container on our table. My fruit drink was served in a porcelain coconut with pineapple chunks and bright red cherries floating around in it.

It was swell to meet my uncle and be able to ask questions about my father. But it was like a special gift to learn that I will need to have a lot of money some day so I can move to a Polynesian Island. That’s where I will feel the most comfortable. Now I’m sure of it.                 


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‘Mamie Eisenhower’ pink

50s pink washing machine

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 6, 1954

… special ordered her new Frigidaire washer and dryer so she could get them in “First Lady Pink” — which is now a genuine official color!

Mama has gone a little crazy over Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower. Ever since she saw that picture of the pink gown Mamie wore to the inauguration ball last year, Mama cannot buy anything new unless it is pink.

Let me tell you, I’m a girl too, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress that color. If James Dean himself knocked on the door and offered to take me on a date to the Brown Derby in Hollywood and I had only either that dress or a pair of blue jeans, then blue jeans here we go.


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Girls rule, boys drool

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 30, 1957

…  used to think my brother was the dumbest kid in our class but then we had to pose for this picture with Jack and now I think he is also dumb too. He is quite a cute blonde-haired boy of course I noticed that a long time ago. But he was so fussy that day. He kept saying his hands would get all sticky with watermelon juice unless they gave us a fork and I said Come on Jack it doesn’t matter — it’s a party!!!

I mean really. My brother is still sooooo dumb but at least he doesn’t cause trouble at a party.


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1950s distracted driving

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 2, 2003

…  practically freaking out because I answered my cell phone while I was driving. I said if you don’t want me to get distracted then why were you calling me?

Grandpa walked in and asked Mom why she was giving me the evil eye. She tells him and then he starts giving me a lecture about driving.

I’m like “so you both concentrated completely on your driving when you were teenagers?” and they nodded. What grandpa didn’t know was that I scanned a picture he once showed me of him driving an old hot rod with some blonde not wearing her seat belt and distracting him and I don’t even think he had his hands on the steering wheel at the time!!!!!

So later they come to the dinner table and there by everyone’s plate is a printout of that picture. Then mom gave the evil eye to her own father!


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