Indoctrination room

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 22, 1985

tour finished in the basement and Rocky said Let’s get outa here, get on the elevator. I looked at it and said Doesn’t look like an elevator to me and he said What do you think it is? Mikey said he thought it was a tanning booth, and Rocky said Yeah I’m not taking my shirt off and sitting that close to you guys. I said I think it looks like a little room where they tell us to sit down and then the door slams shut and locks and that fluorescent light turns red and they start playing really bad songs over that speaker, you know, like Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and then they begin the indoctrination process. The guys laughed so I said Oh yeah? if it’s an elevator, why does it have a concrete floor? Rocky went over there and said that’s not a concrete floor, that’s a dirty gray rug.


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I demand a recount

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 2, 1989

can’t BELIEVE the judges didn’t pick me. The rest of the people in that talent show were older than me. So what? Marva was the only one who had a good costume, but I danced soooooo much better than her it’s not even funny. I had a real routine which took eight or nine weeks of practice and Marva was doing “jazz improv” which from what I can see is a big name that means making stuff up as you go along.

The lady with long brown hair sang an ok song from the movie Dirty Dancing, which I liked BUT she sang it too high and almost pierced my eardrums. The lady with the short hair sang the theme from the Love Boat TV show! (I used to watch it with my grandma about a million years ago but it’s not even on the air any more!) The short man did a tap-dance routine as he pretended to be a gangster and he had a machine gun in his act of which he used to pretend to shoot the rest of us competitors sitting in the front row (some people laughed, but I thought it was kind of uncool).

I almost doubled over and threw up when they announced that the taller guy won. He sang a song that I had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!


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