Party like it’s 2015

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 1, 2015

…  because when he was young he called it Sparkler Day instead of July Fourth. I remind him of it every July thinking it will embarrass him but it never does. (The time he WAS embarrassed was when he made fun of me at school so I told everyone that he still has a huge crush on Katy Perry who is really old and now dating one of the … oh you know that boy band with the … oh, who am I kidding, I never heard a single song of theirs but I guess they were a big deal a while ago).

He loves sparklers and he hates that he can only have them twice a year (that includes his birthday when he insists we use sparklers instead of birthday candles). But last night he got out our computer projector at 11:50 p.m. and showed us a New Year’s video he made and sure enough (right at midnight) he has a spectacular sparkler show (and a Katy Perry song in the background).


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