RIP Steve Jobs


Handwritten page of a diary dated October 5, 2011

… tried to go to sleep, but I keep thinking it. I don’t even want to write it down. OK I will — Steve Jobs died today.

About an hour ago, even though it was late, I called Uncle Billy. He didn’t own one of the original Apples, but in 1984 he did buy the very first McIntosh anyone could buy. He and I are the only ones in our family who like Macs instead of PCs. My dad says that means Uncle Billy and I are on the same wavelength, which of course anyone coulda already figured out if they were paying attention.

Uncle Billy is the only really old person I know very well. He and Steve Jobs were born on the exact same day and I came right out during that phone call to say it makes me kind of worried about whether I should start preparing myself to lose him too one of these days. He said no, no, Steve Jobs didn’t eat a balanced diet and had way too much stress in his life which caused him to get sick. He said hardly anyone dies when they’re only 56.

All of a sudden I remembered that only yesterday Uncle Billy had taken his iMac in to the Genius Bar to get looked at. I told him this: “Your computer gets to mourn Steve Jobs with all his Apple brothers and sisters on the repair shelves tonight.” He told me this: “Hey yeah, maybe they’re having a memorial service. They can get online and play some music and find some poems about the angels taking a loved one to a better place.”

Yes I am aware that I’m lucky to have somebody to talk with about weird ideas.


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