Xena Warrior Princess is not Australian

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 15, 2000

and Stevie watches The Wiggles on TV all the time. It’s a stupid show, but one day they had a good Australian song called Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. And it stays in my brain all the time, to this day. Grandpa says I should try to visit Australia before I die. He showed me a picture of his friend who went there and parked his car in a big tree they have over there which looked pretty awesome. I don’t know, there are also big trees in California which is closer. BUT in California — no koala bears or kangaroos.

I made the mistake of telling Jack in my homeroom that if I went to Australia, I might see the actress who plays Xena Warrior Princess. Then he called me a moron because she’s not from Australia. She’s from New Zealand. Oh pardon me Jack, just because you know every minute detail about that show (he told me Friday that Joxer likes Gabrielle as if he was telling me gossip about people who go to our school or something).

I said Nicole Kidman IS from Australia and she’s pretty hot but he said “Dude, nice try, but nobody in this world is as hot as Xena Warrior Princess.”


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