Birthday gravy

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 21, 1998

…  so why is my nephew the one child on God’s green earth who doesn’t like cake and ice cream? He told Lin he wants to stay with me for a slumber party on his birthday (and instead of being disappointed that her own son doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday with her it turns out she’s excited to be able to spend the whole night with her new boyfriend).

Not to brag, but everyone knows I can show him a better time (one simple thing is to let him stay up as late as he wants to, he loves that, tee hee). It goes without saying that we will party like it’s 1999 but I just never know what to get him for treats. (Who doesn’t like sugar?????) I’m discussing this with Jen and she says “how about that thing we saw at the carnival? You took a picture of it” and I said Jen you are a GENIUS! So I get out the photo album and find my carnival pictures and start planning the birthday menu.

You should’ve seen the smile I got when I started singing Happy birthday and served the mashed potatoes and gravy sundae. He ate it all, even the roast beef. EVEN the cherry tomatoes. He’s a freak of nature!


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