‘Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz’

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 12, 1971

…  spent the ENTIRE day at church for Robbie’s confirmation. Oh and the little bit of the day I thought I would have to myself was spent making him a red bow tie!! (They told him to wear a red one because Christmas is coming up and he didn’t tell Mom until that morning so mom remembered I had sewed myself a red skirt and begged me to cut some fabric at the last minute. I didn’t even have a pattern or any time to sew the edges of it, but she said it will look just fine unless you’re standing right up close to him.) (That ugly tie got about ten million pictures taken of it).

Then my mom says the kids look so angelic and she asks them to sing a Christmas song for us. Nice going Mom, let’s drag this out about another hundred years and before you know it they’re singing “Away in a Manger” and it goes on and on and they keep singing the same verse over and over and over but nobody tells them to stop. And after about the 300th time they sing it I realize that the melody fits really well when you use the words to “Mercedes Benz” which is a new song I love by Janis Joplin. “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all drive Porches I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime no help from my friends. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” See, I told you it fits in the “Away in a Manger” melody.


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