Her little muff

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 26, 1985

pretty excited to get my new winter coat with my Christmas money. It’s actually a short leather jacket with gold metallic lapels and it looks like something Madonna would wear (at least my mom did one nice thing this year and let me see Desperately Seeking Susan even though I was 12 and it’s a PG-13 movie!!!!)

Since it was Grandma’s money I had to go over and model it for her and then she got a worried look on her face and said is it gonna be warm enough? She toddles over to the big photo book and finds this old picture of herself in a winter coat from the olden days. I said well yeah little kids need to be warmer. I said in this picture are you wearing some kinda Santy Clause beard and she said no that’s a big warm collar and a muff. I said what is a muff and she describes this kinda fur tube thing and you stick your hands in each side to keep them warm.

I didn’t say this out loud, but even though her coat looked cute for a little kid I’m sorry to report her doll she had in the picture was not that cute and in fact it looked like a doll from a scary movie.


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