Headless organist

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 3, 1979

so frrrrreaked out like you wouldn’t believe.

I just heard music downstairs and I woke up Danielle to tell her, but she said it’s probably just her brother Stan and his friends and I said are they cute? and she said eww, no, they’re annoying.
But I went downstairs anyway and peeked in the living room and there was Stan sitting in a chair and watching a guy play the organ, and, I swear to God, the guy did not have a head. Sometimes I could see some waves of something like hair, but no face at all and no shape of a head.

I came back up here to tell Danielle but she didn’t believe me and went back to sleep. Now I’m wide awake in her bedroom with nothing to do but listen to the music played by a pretty talented headless guy.


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