Will I be a redhead?

backs of three redheaded teenage girls

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 2, 2004

… need to get control of this stupid game my brain is playing.

It started out really small, like OK,  I was watching “West Wing” with my mom, and all of a sudden I thought, if she gets up and makes popcorn during a commercial I’m going to stand up and yodel when she brings it back. And she did. And I did. And she said “You’re weird.”

Then last month I was watching the Grammy awards and there was a marching band on the stage when Outkast sang “Hey Ya” and the minute I heard “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” I was dancing around the room. Then the doorbell rang and I said to myself “if it’s Zach, coming to visit me, I’m going to kiss him right there in the doorway.” That was scary because I’m not even sure if he’s into me (in that way) and I was BOTH relieved and disappointed when the person at the door was just one of my sister’s annoying friends instead of Zach.

But even that wasn’t as scary as tonight. I was out walking around today and when I stopped to look at my phone, I noticed I was standing behind these 3 girls with red hair. And I thought: if one of them turns around I’m going to dye my hair red. AND TWO OF THEM TURNED AROUND AND LOOKED AT ME. So I went to the drug store and bought some bright red dye and now I’m sitting here reading the instructions. I wish someone was here to talk me out of it. OK if someone calls or texts me in the next 10 mintues, I won’t dye my hair. Otherwise I kinda have to.


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