Rick Springfield, coverboy

rick springfield

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 17, 1982

…  was all bummed out because the mail got thrown on the steps and her copy of TV Guide got rained on. She ran around the house saying, “It couldn’t happen some other week? Like some week when Rick Springfield wasn’t on the cover?” So she put a paper towel on the cover and then ironed it! Yes with the IRON!

She said we shouldn’t pick on her because she only watches “General Hospital” and some of her friends watch three or four soap operas every day. And besides Rick Springfield is multi-talented. Yes, we know, we know, he had a hit song. And she goes “You like ‘Jessie’s Girl”” and I’m like “I never said that” and she’s like “Every time after I play the record you sing that one part of the lyrics over and over.”

OK, she’s right, I do like that one line where he says “and she’s lovin’ him with that body I just know it” because he sings “know it” like it was all one word and he practically spits out the T in knowiT. That’s the only cool part.


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