Too much caffeine

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 2, 1993

must’ve been about midnight when she fell asleep and there I was three or four hours later with my thoughts still racing like a madman.

A few of the fifty thousand things that crossed my mind:

1. She insisted we buy these expensive pillows, but then she spends most of the night laying her head just flat on the mattress.

2. Why can’t we just have a really great president like Kevin Kline in the movie “Dave” (which I’ve now gone to see FOUR times)?

3. Walter said he’d fire me if I grew my hair out like Kurt Cobain’s but I wonder if he really would. Man, that guy has it all. I mean Kurt Cobain not Walter, ha ha.

4. Maybe I really do drink too much coffee.

5. Julia Roberts actually married Lyle Lovett?????????


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