Sophia Vergara does the cha cha?

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 4, 2009

watching “Modern Family” last night when Grandma was over and she kept saying who is that pretty woman with the accent? I’m like I don’t know Grandma, this show’s pretty new. But she was like I’ve seen that woman before so get on your computer and tell me her name. I was like ok ok and I find out her name is Sophia Vergara but Grandma says no that is not ringing any bells.

Then today Grandma drives all the way back over here and the minute she gets out of the car, she’s holding one of her old records up in the air screaming this is Sophia Vergara and Billy May is chasing her. I say who is Billy May? That guy who did infomercials? Didn’t he just die recently? She was like no that’s Billy MAYS. So I want to know who Billy MAY is UNTIL I see the picture of him, and then I don’t even want to know any more — in fact I’ll probably now have a bad dream that he’s chasing me too wearing his cha cha pants.

I’m like Grandma what year did you get this record? and she’s like I don’t know I think I got it when your mother was a baby, which, I say, means it’s probably not Sophia Vergara. Then she’s quiet for a while till she says BUT it could very well be her mother.


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