Handwritten page of a diary dated June 1, 2001

…  problem is, she was singing it even though she forgot most of the lyrics. She said, “well yeah, I hadn’t heard that song since it was a hit about TEN years ago.” And I said “what? Hootie and the Blowfish? That was not EVEN ten years ago.”

Half an hour later I walk into the kitchen and she’s still singing “well there’s nothing I can do I only wanna be with you” which she was probably in there singing that same line over and over since I’d walked out. But Mom told me if I’m going to go over to her apartment I should stop picking on her all the time since she’s pregnant and all. So I didn’t say much. But then she says, “I’m seriously thinking of naming this baby Hootie.” And no kididng, she was dead serious. Her poor kid needs to be put in protective custody and its not even born yet.


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