Handwritten page of a diary dated January 22, 1995

… pretty dull for a slumber party. Watched Mike Myers final time on Saturday Night Live and then the usual two wimpy girls fell asleep and then Mandy’s mom called Mandy from the stairs and said she forgot to give us the special treat she made for us. She said look for the black bowl in the freezer. So Mandy pulls out the bowl and at first we saw brown crumbs and we thought it looked disgustomatic so we didn’t even try it. By the time some brave person first stuck a spoon in it well by then it had melted into a primo soft ice cream with fudge sauce and crushed Oreos on top and you could barely fit any more hands around that bowl. Except Valerie who wouldn’t eat any because we were “double-dipping” our spoons in there like that Seinfeld episode where that guy tells George that double-dipping a chip in the dip is like putting your whole mouth in it. It didn’t stop anybody else though. Just Val.


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