mmm donuts

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 11, 1996

…  every Sunday night. Grandma and dad are battling it out over the TV. Dad tells Grandma she can only watch the second half hour of Touched by an Angel because he has to watch The Simpsons and EVERY SINGLE TIME she says, “What good is it to see how the story turns out if you don’t know how the story got started?” I just wait for them to duke it out because I don’t care about the TV anyway till the X-Files comes on later.

A few days ago Grandma says it’s your dad’s birthday coming up and she guessed we should make him a cake. But she said it with that look on her face like she would really rather be doing something different. Like I mean about ANYTHING in the world except that. So I told her I had a Homer Simpson idea and all she had to do was buy a little plastic doll and some donuts at the bakery and after I explained it to her she said I was a GENIUS. She says that to me a lot, but I think she really means it most of the time.


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