Too close for comfort


Handwritten page of a diary dated November 9, 1960

… even though I can’t vote till I’m 21. But I think 20 is old enough to care about who wins, and I did not even sleep last night. They hadn’t called a winner yet by the time the TV stations went off the air. So I just took a pile of records downstairs to the hifi to try to distract myself. Unfortunately, my mom got out of bed and said why did I only like one kind of music, by which she means Sam Cook and Ray Charles and Fats Domino. I see where she’s going with this.

But I guess we might as well argue about music (she likes Connie Francis and Pat Boone) (squaresville) than what was REALLY on my mind, because I’m almost positive that she voted for NIXON and if he ever became president I would rather just beat feet all the way to Siberia.

In my poly sci class today, we finally found out Kennedy won. Whew! Then the professor started talking about how if we think this election was close, then how would we like to have been around in the 1800s, because Rutherford B. Hayes and Benjamin Harrison both won the electoral college but not the popular vote!!! I’m glad that will never happen again, because I would GO APE.


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Bebop is the MOST

dance class 1949

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 6, 1949

got stuck in the back row again … and not even on one of the ends. I’m going to all this work learning the stupid tap dance, only to be lucky if anyone notices me at all.

First there was the big scuffle we had about the music. Our new teacher, Evelyn, wanted us to use “I’m looking over a four leaf clover that I overlooked before.” The one from last year by Art Mooney!!!!!!!  We almost flipped our wigs. I played this record, the only killer diller song I could think of — “Bebop Spoken Here” by Frankie Laine. She finally agreed, but she said it was only because it has a really good tempo for the dance she had in mind.

Then she was all excited because Betty’s uncle volunteered to come and photograph us rehearsing. She wanted to send a picture to the newspaper and maybe get more people to come to our recital. It’s a good thing she didn’t see the one picture he took — a closeup of her … well let’s just say he seemed to really enjoy her white shorts and the legs that were coming out of them. Ha ha, what if that picture got in the paper by accident?


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I demand a recount

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 2, 1989

can’t BELIEVE the judges didn’t pick me. The rest of the people in that talent show were older than me. So what? Marva was the only one who had a good costume, but I danced soooooo much better than her it’s not even funny. I had a real routine which took eight or nine weeks of practice and Marva was doing “jazz improv” which from what I can see is a big name that means making stuff up as you go along.

The lady with long brown hair sang an ok song from the movie Dirty Dancing, which I liked BUT she sang it too high and almost pierced my eardrums. The lady with the short hair sang the theme from the Love Boat TV show! (I used to watch it with my grandma about a million years ago but it’s not even on the air any more!) The short man did a tap-dance routine as he pretended to be a gangster and he had a machine gun in his act of which he used to pretend to shoot the rest of us competitors sitting in the front row (some people laughed, but I thought it was kind of uncool).

I almost doubled over and threw up when they announced that the taller guy won. He sang a song that I had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!


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