‘Ramble On’

ramble on

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 4, 1970

…  for two years!!! and she always said no. And now all of a sudden she says we can join this particular record club. I got excited till I saw how few choices there were. Man, in the old days there were ten times that many choices in a magazine ad for a record club. Then I saw Dean Martin was on there and yeah, makes more sense because she loves Dean Martin soooooo much. And she wants the little record player for her own bedroom.

The only thing I see on there that I want is Led Zeppelin II, but that cartoony album cover they show is NOT the real one, so who knows? Maybe it’s the songs of Led Zeppelin covered by the Lawrence Welk Orchestra or something. I mean a year ago I might’ve wanted the Blood Sweat & Tears. And I already have every Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night album, so great, thanks Mom. Have fun with your teeny tiny little baby plastic speakers.


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Cleopatra’s slaves

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 17, 1970

… went to the park with my two new friends who are boys because there happens to be no other girls in this entire neighborhood these days except for me!!!!!

They have a new bench to sit on at that park and I stretched my legs out on it. Robert said I looked like Cleopatra and that he and Brett should kneel down and be my slaves so I said ok and then I decided to start ordering them around. I told them to pick some of the white clovers growing in the park and tie them together to make a crown for my head. Well Robert hopped to it but Brett said that sounded boring so I said “off with your head” and he went over to walk through the maze again. Robert made me the crown and then I told him to find something to fan me with and he found a paper bag in the trash bin and fanned me and then I said he had to sing my favorite song which at the moment is “Mama Told Me Not to Come” by Three Dog Night and he did a pretty good job singing it like they do on the record.


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