‘Line up boys …’


Handwritten page of a diary dated January 7, 1984

… out last night (YES, I know, there goes my New Year’s Resolution, but it’s not the fastest I ever broke one). Let’s state, for the record, I didn’t drink, but the worst thing is how smoky my hair smells after a night at Club Exit, but where else would a Niagara Falls girl go if she has a weakness for Canadian guys. As usual, plenty of them crossed the border last night, as in “Line up boys. Hmm, I’ll take that one and that one.” But I couldn’t find a single one that looked worth the price of even a short long-distance-phone-call relationship. Three times I got asked for my number, and three times I answered “867-5309” and not one of those guys figured out that it’s the phone number from the Tommy Tutone song. Airheads.


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