Wallis Simpson was here


Handwritten page of a diary dated July 5, 1940

… wanted to stay in town to see the fireworks, so we didn’t get to leave for the shore until today. FINALLY I’m here where I belong. I think it’s unfair that some people get to live in towns by the ocean and they could walk here any time they wanted. If they were a senior like I am and can leave school during lunch hour they could just walk over here and eat their sandwich while watching the waves.

But here’s the swellest thing that happened — we didn’t go to Hampton Beach like we usually do. We came to a beach I’ve never been too and one of its names is WALLIS SANDS. Yes Wallis as in the scandalous Duchess of Windsor. I thought she grew up in Pennsylvania or Maryland or somewhere, but maybe she came to this very beach and she was so captivating that the locals named it after her. Maybe she touched one of the very same grains of sand that I’ve touched today!


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