Your mom is a babe

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 21, 1990

…  always watch Saturday Night Live after we go bowling — ever since Wayne’s World started. So last night Wayne had a crush on Garth’s mom, and it was hilarious. But then Randy starts saying he thinks that could really happen and I said huh? and he said “Yeah, like for instance YOUR mom is blonde too, and she’s a babe.” I laughed but he didn’t laugh and then I said “Oh no you don’t.” But he DOES! He said he’s had a big thing for my mom since we were in seventh. MY MOM!

We hardly talked after that but then he went to the john and he was gone a long time and I found him watching my mom sleep!!! I said that give me the willies and he had better just go home. He said “you can send me home, but your mom is a babe when she’s asleep.”

What a dweeb.


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